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What is Plantar Fasciitis?


The Condition

Plantar fasciitis is a very common foot condition that causes the heel to pain. It is a condition where the plantar fascia which is the band of tissue that is located at the bottom of your feet connecting your heel bone to your toes becomes strained, swollen and inflamed. 


The Cause 

The exact cause of this condition is not well understood but it is believed that it is cause by small tears in the plantar fascia which are the results of repeated stress on the plantar fascia due to repeated activities of walking, standing and other strenuous activities that includes the use of the feet.


The Symptoms

The most common symptom of plantar fascia is heel pain that is felt early in the morning after taking your first few steps after getting out of bed. This pain normally goes away after a while but if you sit for long periods or if you stand for long periods, it will return.


The Treatments 

Orthotic insoles are one of the best treatment options for plantar fasciitis. They are more commonly known as foot supports and are specially designed to support the arch in your feet and restore the biomechanical inadequacies of your feet.

Why Use Us for Your Orthotic Insoles?

The internet is filled with many different companies that sell orthotic insoles and if you were advised to use orthotic insoles as a treatment option for plantar fasciitis, you can definitely find a variety of orthotics on the internet that will meet your needs. So, why should you use us for your orthotic insoles? Well, if you choose Northern Insoles – Centre of Traditional Orthotic Treatment, you can be guaranteed that you will achieve better pain relief and greater comfort.

We Guarantee

We offer exceptional care from podiatrists that are experienced and well-trained.

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We specialize in relieving your pain.

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Our Orthotic Insoles

Customized rigid orthotics

If you are suffering from severe biomechanical disorders, then these orthotics insoles are for you. They are specially made and designed to meet the requirements of your feet.

Heat-moldable orthotics

These are less expensive than the custom-made orthotics. They are made of a flexible material that can be heated to change their shape to meet the requirements of your feet.

Off-the-shelf orthotics

These are the cheapest form and can be bought at any pharmacy or grocery store. They are made of a soft and flexible but firm material and can be used immediately after purchase.

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Gina M. Paolini

I bought my first pair of orthotic insoles from these guys and I was very pleased with my order. It was of the quality promised and I received it on time. The order process was very simple.

Sara J. Parker

It is such a pleasure ordering my orthotics from these guys. They do not only focus on selling but they make sure that every product that they sell to you is indeed needed by you. If it is not and your condition of plantar fasciitis can be treated otherwise, they tell you.

Jutta C. Almonte

For the last few months, I woke up with a terrible pain under my heel. My doctor informed me that I was suffering from plantar fasciitis and advised me to get orthotic insoles. I bought a few pairs of insoles for this company and am definitely satisfied with my purchase.